Cancellation and Pricing Policy

Cancellation Policy

Once Payment is done you can’t cancel your order and in this case, no refund will be provided.

You can ask for a refund or cancel your product if the product delivered is not working within 24 hrs of purchase.

For further query you can contact us

Pricing Policy


Our Products price at the time of purchase is final which are mentioned. If you had taken a product on a subscription basis your product may expire and be removed from your account to reaccess that product you may need to pay again for that product.

We hold the right to change or end all or part of the downloads of our site whenever with or without notice. In this way, we don’t ensure that a particular thing will continue being available on our site all the time. In such conditions, we don’t give any refunds too. In this way, we will propose that when you are making the purchase of the item then, simultaneously you must download the item from our website to dodge further issues. With or with no earlier notification, we can likewise add new downloads to our product’s directory. By posting the movements on our site, we are liable to change or alter the cost of any product accessible on our site at any time.



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